The GEBF was founded in 2012.
The organization is made up of:

  • The general assembly
  • The management board
  • The electoral committee
  • Various other committees
Bildquelle: Fotolia (© kasto)
Bildquelle: Fotolia (© kasto)

The GEBF’s aim is to promote empirical educational research and the dissemination of its research results. This is achieved by:

  • The organization of symposia, seminars, lectures, and, in particular, by regularly holding expert conferences.
  • Promoting exchange between researchers of various disciplines regarding information about the topics, methods, and results of empirical educational research.
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary programs and research projects in empirical educational research.
  • The publication and promotion of research publications.
  • The promotion of doctoral students/young academics working in the field of empirical educational research.
  • Providing information for the public and for educational practice about the status and development of empirical educational research.
  • Supporting and expanding empirical educational research at universities, research institutes and other research organizations.
  • The designation of appraisers as well as reviewers in the context of peer reviews and evaluation procedures.
  • The preparation of reports about research questions from empirical educational research.
  • Cooperation with international empirical educational research associations and societies.